VIDEO ART : Mortal Engine by Chunky Move

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When the body loses its limits.

The use of new technologies in art production is a consolidated reality nowadays. Cinema, videoart, netart etc, they all use technology as a way of expression. But what happens when those technologies become the main character of the artpiece? Chunky Move is an Australian dance company founded in 1995 by artistic director Gideon Obarzanek. Since then, they have opened an amount of 25 shows around the world and have gained a great recognition because of its unpredictable and risky style. Its proposals show a perfect fusion between body and technology, the dancers moves while dancing become a dialogue, and they use resources such as lighting, beams of light and projections that go beyond any expectative.


The majority of the company’s proposals have as an objective to explore human’s behavior in view of their desires, conflicts and emotions. The lights and sounds build this way of confronting the world that is not always rational. Nowadays, some of its shows such as Glow, Connected or I like this, are being performed in really important cities like New York, Monaco or Melbourne. Now, we present you a video where is performed one of their most successful shows, Mortal Engine. A performance which combines dance, music, video and light beams and in which movement and sound together generate projections that distort the dancer’s body’s limits. The choreography responds to the beings moves without a specific form that try to connect and wrap themselves over and over again. It is an almost magic representation about the human’s figure’s metamorphosis.

[Article written for 2beMAG #9 by Lorena Vilela]